• Merge groups

    For various reasons, such as wanting to clean up and reduce your list of groups, it may be desirable to merge two or more groups together. Before you start It's important to know that :   You can create…

  • Creating a group

    In this article: Are groups necessary? How to create a group? The difference between public and private groups Deleting a group Are groups necessary? Yes! Mailings cannot be sent directly to a contact,…

  • Edit a group

    Learn how to change a group's name, its visibility or its criteria.

  • Dynamic groups

    Automatically create and keep updated a list of contacts based on specific criteria.

  • Differences between a private and a public group

    In this article: Differences between a private and a public group How to know if your group is private or public How to modify a group from private to public, and vice versa How to test unsubscriptions…

  • Duplicate a group

    Learn how to create a new group from a copy of an existing list.

  • Deleting a group

    In this article: How to delete a group What happens to the contacts when their group is deleted? Why can't I delete certain groups? How to delete a group Go to "Groups" menu. Select the group(s) you wish…

  • Restore a deleted group

    Did you make a mistake? It is possible to restore a group within 30 days of its deletion.

  • Exporting a group

    Click here to learn how to export a group.

  • Field and group dependencies

    In this article: What are dependencies? Major dependency Minor dependency How to view the dependencies of fields and groups How to remove a dependency What are dependencies? A dependency is created between…

  • Viewing and selecting all contacts of a group

    In this article: Viewing all contacts of a group Selecting all the contacts in a group Viewing all contacts of a group To view all the contacts in a group, go to: Groups menu: Click on the Groups link…

  • Adding contacts to a group

    There are a few ways you can do this: By importing contacts; By modifying a member's details; By using the “add to a group” option (this option is located anywhere in the application where contact lists…

  • Removing contacts from a group

    There are two ways of doing this: By manually updating the member's details (this method is appropriate if you have few members to modify); Using the "Remove from group" option (this method will allow…

  • Searching for contacts in a group

    To search for one or several contacts in a group, follow these instructions: Go to the "Groups" menu. Click the name of the group where you want to search for contacts. Use the search field to enter the…

  • Create a mailing group for your consent email

    All of the contacts who subscribed by one of our subscription forms on your website already have express consent status. It is therefore not necessary to ask for their consent. We will now explain how…

  • Create a group based on a statistic

    How to create a group based on a statistic: Use the button "Add to a group" from the list of contacts of a statistic Use the button "Add to a group based on a statistic" from the full statistics of your…

  • Retrieve all mailings sent to a group

    Find out how to access the list of mailings sent to a specific group.

  • Retrieve groups', custom fields', contacts' or mailings' IDs

    Learn how to retrieve the ID of your groups, custom fields, contacts or mailings to interact with them through our API.