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Cyberimpact API

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  • API

    In this article: What is the API? What is the use of the API? What knowledge is needed to use the API? Where can documentation on the API be found? Where to ask to get to use the API? How can we connect…

  • API - JSON schema error

    In this article: What is a JSON schema? How to identify where is the error in my JSON schema? Are you getting this error when sending a request to our API? “The request you submitted did not match the…


3 articles
  • Zapier and how it works

    Zapier is a tool that allows you to easily connect Cyberimpact with other platforms that you use every day, for example: a CRM, an online accounting software, a form tool, etc.

  • Add or update contacts via Zapier (with opt-in)

    In this article: Advantage of opt-in subscription Before you begin Step 1: Zap trigger setup Step 2: Configuring the opt-in request It is possible, with Zapier, to add or update contacts in your Cyberimpact…

  • Add contacts (without opt-in) via Zapier

    You will find below the instructions for creating a Zap in 3 steps that will allow you to add contacts to your Cyberimpact account from your favourite application. 

  • Google Analytics

    In this article: What is Google Analytics and why should you use it in your email? How to integrate Google Analytics to an email and create a campaign? How to test your links with Google Analytics UTM…

  • iOS mobile application: Cyberimpact - Signup forms

    In this article: How to download the Cyberimpact mobile app? What’s the use of the application? How to create a subscription form? How to launch a subscription form? How to unlock the subscription form?…