Other integrations

  • Connect Cyberimpact to other apps with Integrately

    Integrately is a platform to create automations that allows you to connect multiple apps together. Easy to use, it does not require any special technical knowledge. It is compatible with more than 1,000 applications and has multiple ready-to-use integrations. For example, use Integrately to create a contact in your Cyberimpact account when you add a new customer to your online store or add a new prospect in your CRM when a new subscriber is added to your mailing list.

  • Connect Cyberimpact with Acomba GO

    Add your Acomba GO users, customers and/or suppliers directly in your Cyberimpact account.

  • How to create a Google Analytics campaign for your mailings

    In this article: What is Google Analytics and why should you use it in your email? How to integrate Google Analytics to an email and create a campaign? How to test your links with Google Analytics UTM…

  • Retrieve groups', custom fields', contacts' or mailings' IDs

    Learn how to retrieve the ID of your groups, custom fields, contacts or mailings to interact with them through our API.