Mailing settings

  • Changes at Gmail and Yahoo starting from February 1st, 2024

    Major changes will take effect in February 2024 regarding the sending of emails to recipients with email addresses hosted by Gmail or Yahoo (AOL). Read our article to find out how to prepare.

  • How to authenticate your emails

    In order to send emails from your domain name, you must first authenticate it in our platform. Learn how in this article.

  • How to setup DMARC authentication

    Set up DMARC authentication for your sending domain to protect it against spoofing. Learn how in this article.

  • What is SPF, DKIM, and DMARC authentication?

    Implementing SPF, DKIM and DMARC authentication on email domains is crucial to protecting your brand and preventing your recipients from phishing attempts. Demystify these three authentication methods by reading our article.

  • Setup your account

    In this article: Setup your account and contact information Subscribe to system notifications Add, edit or delete custom fields Enter default links for your social networks icons Setup other display options…

  • Manage sender addresses

    In this article: What is a sender address? What addresses can I use as a sender address? Why is my address not recommended? How to add sender addresses How to set up a default sender address Personalize…

  • Personalize your email footer

    Learn how to change the style, appearance and content of the your mailings.

  • How does the unsubscribe link works

    In this article: How to add an unsubscription link to my mailings? How does the unsubscription from sent emails work? Where can I see the list of my unsubscribed contacts? Why did my recipients unsubscribed?…

  • About spam complaints and "Report an abuse" link

    Learn more about the "Report abuse" link, emails marked as spam, feedback loops and spam rate.

  • Customize email confirmations

    In this article: Can I customize the confirmation emails for subscriptions and unsubscriptions? Where can I customize the confirmation emails? How to add your logo to the confirmation emails Customize…

  • Set up the different account addresses

    In this article: Account email address The email address used in the coordinates in the footer of your mailings Return address for your mailings Email address for subscription alert Set up the different…