How to edit contacts

What information can be edited

You can edit the following:
  • Email
    Changing a contact's email address has certain consequences.
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  • Name
  • Last name
  • Language
  • Gender
  • Birthdate
  • Postal code
  • Country
  • Custom fields' information
  • Target groups
  • Consent details (source, date and proof of consent)

You can also add a memo to the contact details section. 

No specific greetings are associated with contacts identified as gender Other.  In their email, the greeting placeholder will simply be hidden.  Ex. : “Hello __GENDER__ __ LASTNAME __”  will say “Hello Tremblay.”  If you want to use a particular greeting, you can use a custom text field to enter a different greeting for each recipient.

Need to add more information to your contacts' details? No worries. Create new custom fields to save more data. >
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How to edit contacts' information

There are two ways to update contact's details:

Manually edit one contact at a time

If you want to update specific information for one, or just a few contacts, use the Edit option from the contact actions menu.

To manually update a contact's details:

  1. Go to the Contacts  menu. Then, you'll be directed to your subscribers' list.
  2. User the search field to find your contact. You can enter their name or email.
  3. Once you find it, open the actions menu located at the end of the contact's row by click the 3 dots icon and select the Edit option.

  4. Modify the information you wish to change.
  5. Click Save to confirm the changes. 

Update several contacts simultaneously by importing a list

You can update several contacts simultaneously by importing the information from an Excel or CSV file. To do so, click the IconeAdd contacts icon in the quick access menu on your left. Choose the Import list option.

To make sure all your contacts are updated, select the option Yes under the Update contacts section at the last step of the import process. 

Editing email addresses

It's possible to edit a subscriber's email address, by modifying manually their contact's details. 

Changing a contact's email address has certain consequences.
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If you import an email list where you have updated someone's email, the new address will be added in the groups you selected and a new subscriber will be created. Please note that the old email address will still remain active in your account, the unique key to recognize a contact being their email. The system won't be able to know that the two contacts are related. The old address will therefore need to be replaced by the new one. You'll need to manually delete or unsubscribe the old email address to remove it from your subscribers' list. 

Always be sure to collect and keep proof of consent for the new address. Consent is link to the email address and not to the person.

The consequences of changing a subscriber's email address

When you change a subscriber's email, you automatically deactivate their previous email address.

Note that the history (such as the contact's personal statistics) and consent information are linked to the email address and not to a person. They will therefore be lost* during the update. You will start from a brand new contact's details.

On the other hand, all the data saved in the regular and custom fields (e.g.: contact's name) will be transferred to the new subscriber. You won't need to enter those information again.

Please note that since the new address is treated as a new contact, it will increase your total number of subscribers for the current period. The old contact will stop counting towards your total billed contacts at the start of the billing period following their withdrawal.

*About lost information: Although some data is not transferred to the new subscriber's record, it is not completely lost either. In fact, in the history of the new address, you will find a link that will take you to the old contact's details, where it will be possible to consult this information if necessary.