Create custom fields

Custom fields are additional fields. Use them to enter any information that will help you find, target and segment your contacts, or to add personalized content tailored to each email recipient.

The number of custom fields you can create varies depending on your plan. Learn more about our pricing plans >

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learn how

  1. To create a new custom field, go to Icone Settings > Custom fileds.
  2. To add a custom field, click the + on the right-hand side of a custom field. If there aren’t any, go directly to the next step.
  3. Select the type of field matching the type of information you’d like to collect.

    Learn more about Text fields >
    Learn more about Date fields >
    Learn more about Integer fields >
    Learn more about Decimal number fields >

  4. Name your field (e.g. Job title). It must differ from any regular field names

  5. Click Save to confirm the addition.
To select and view custom fields more efficiently in different sections of your account, place them in order starting with those that are most useful to you. The first 5 fields will be displayed in the detailed view of contact listing, providing an overview of your subscribers without having to open their contact details. Learn how to reorder your fields >