Edit contact's details

How to edit contact's details for one contact, or a few contacts at once

There are two ways to update contact's details:
  • Import : You can update a contact's file by importing the information (right-hand side navigation > Add contacts icon). This method is ideal when you have a lot of information to update for a few contacts at once. 

    Note: During the import process, you need to choose the “YES” option under the “Update contacts” section. 
  • Manually edit the contact details: If you want to update specific information for one, or just a few contacts, in the "Contacts" menu, click on the “Edit” option of the actions menu located at the end of the contact's row. 

    To manually update contact details :
  1. Select the Contacts menu.
  2. Search for the contact using the search field.
  3. To edit, click on the “Edit” option of the actions menu located at the end of the contact's row.

  4. Modify the information you wish to change.
  5. Click “Save” to confirm the changes. 

What you can edit from contact details:

You can edit the following:
  • Name;
  • Last name;
  • Language;
  • Gender;
  • Date of birth;
  • Postal code;
  • Custom fields (1 to 5);
  • Target groups;
  • Consent details;

You can also add a note to the contact details section. 

Is it possible to edit a contact’s email address?

You can’t edit a contact’s email address, since the contact's details are created from the email address entered initially. It’s the only field you can’t edit. To change the email address, you must add the new email address as a new contact, and delete, or unsubscribe the email address that is no longer valid.
Unfortunately, the contact's history won't be kept as it's going to be treated as a new contact. Make sure to have consent for the new email address as it is treated as a new contact.