Add contacts

  • Create a single contact

    In this article: Learn how to add a single contact Frequently asked questions If you only have one or a few contacts to add in your account, this option is the more appropriate. Learn how Click the Add…

  • Export contacts from your email software

    How to export your contacts from: Gmail Yahoo mail Outlook Apple mail If you use Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo Mail or any other external service to read and write your emails and want to import the contacts…

  • Prepare your contact list for import

    Learn how to prepare your contact file and its data to quickly add them to your account.

  • Import a contact list

    Importing is the fastest way to add multiple contacts simultaneously. Follow our tutorial to learn how.

  • How to import your contacts from MailChimp

    To transfer your contacts from MailChimp to your account, you'll first need to export your lists to a CSV file. You'll be able to use this file to import them into your account. Here is the procedure…

  • Frequent problems while importing and invalid lines

    If you have invalid lines during your import, click on the number on the right of "Invalid lines" in the importation report to export them in a Excel file. The Excel report includes the number of the…

  • Tips to resolve common problems in Excel related to import

    In this article: Convert data separated by commas or semi colons Transpose data in Excel Split names in Excel Standardize first and last names of your members Use the "Search and Replace" function to…

  • Problems with displaying accents while importing your contacts.

    You just imported a list of contacts and, to your horror, you notice that the accents have been replaced by special or accentuated characters? No need to worry, there can be two simple causes to this:…

  • How to use the Cyberimpact API

    In this article: About Cyberimpact API Add contacts using the API How to authenticate to the API  Get help About Cyberimpact API Learn more about Cyberimpact API: What is an API? What can you do with…

  • Connect Cyberimpact with Acomba GO

    Add your Acomba GO users, customers and/or suppliers directly in your Cyberimpact account.

  • Add or update contacts via Zapier (with opt-in)

    In this article: Advantage of opt-in subscription Before you begin Step 1: Zap trigger setup Step 2: Configuring the opt-in request It is possible, with Zapier, to add or update contacts in your Cyberimpact…

  • Add contacts (without opt-in) via Zapier

    You will find below the instructions for creating a Zap in 3 steps that will allow you to add contacts to your Cyberimpact account from your favourite application. 

  • Connect Cyberimpact to other apps with Integrately

    Integrately is a platform to create automations that allows you to connect multiple apps together. Easy to use, it does not require any special technical knowledge. It is compatible with more than 1,000 applications and has multiple ready-to-use integrations. For example, use Integrately to create a contact in your Cyberimpact account when you add a new customer to your online store or add a new prospect in your CRM when a new subscriber is added to your mailing list.