Cyberimpact API

  • How to use the Cyberimpact API

    In this article: About Cyberimpact API Add contacts using the API How to authenticate to the API  Get help About Cyberimpact API Learn more about Cyberimpact API: What is an API? What can you do with…

  • Create an API token

    API tokens allow you to access your account and are a safe way to transmit information between it and another application securely. Use them in your requests to the Cyberimpact API or your zaps to authenticate yourself.

  • API - JSON schema error

    In this article: What is a JSON schema? How to identify where is the error in my JSON schema? Are you getting this error when sending a request to our API? “The request you submitted did not match the…

  • Retrieve groups', custom fields', contacts' or mailings' IDs

    Learn how to retrieve the ID of your groups, custom fields, contacts or mailings to interact with them through our API.

  • Get the placeholder and the code of a field

    The field's placeholder is used to insert personalized content for each recipient in your campaigns. Example: Hello, __FIRSTNAME__ ! → Hello, Martine! You do not need to know the code of the field's placeholder…