• Mailing statistics

    Learn how to view and understand your mailing statistics.

  • Incorrect addresses and technical problems

    Learn more about hard and soft bounces and we handle them.

  • Create a group based on a statistic

    How to create a group based on a statistic: Use the button "Add to a group" from the list of contacts of a statistic Use the button "Add to a group based on a statistic" from the full statistics of your…

  • Consult the statistics of a micro survey

    An overview of your survey statistics is available in the statistics of each mailing it was part of. In the mailing statistics, you'll see the total answers for that mailing against the total of answers…

  • View scenario statistics

    In this article: How to view the list of contacts who have been through each step of the scenario; and how many times they have journeyed through the scenario. How to view statistics for a mailing sent…