Consent templates

Consent request templates

Using our consent request templates will get you all the necessary information in order to show that a contact has indeed given his express consent to receive your emails. We strongly suggest that you send consent requests to all the people registered in your mailing lists that have not yet given their express consent to receive your emails.

Naturally, not all your clients will give you their express consent right away. We therefore suggest sending timely reminders. 

You can easily find contacts who have expressly confirmed their consent using the link in the consent block by filtering them via the advanced contact search. Learn how

Follow these three easy steps to prepare the mailing of your consent request :  

Step 1: Create a mailing group for your consent email

All the contacts that subscribed to the form on your website already have express consent status. It is therefore not necessary to ask for their consent.

Click here to learn how to filter your contacts in order to create a group with only those who do not have yet express consent status to receive your emails.

Step 2: Create your consent template 

Click here to learn how to create your consent template.

NOTE: All consent templates are optimized to be mobile-friendly

Do you know that it is also possible to add a consent block in regular mailings? 

When you send a consent template, all the email addresses included in the group(s) selected during the mailing will receive your consent request. 

When you had a consent block to a template, during the mailing, only the email addresses that do not have express consent yet, will see this block. It will therefore not appear to those who have already given their express consent, but they will be able to read the other sections of your email. That is another excellent tool to allow you to get a great number of express consents and to be compliant with the Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).  

Click here to know how to add this block to your regular mailings.

Step 3: Send your consent request 

Click here to learn how to create a mailing.

See your contact's consent status quickly 

Click here to learn how to quickly see in your group, after your mailing, who expressly consented or didn't consent to receive your communications.