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About templates

What is a template?  

A template is a generic email that can be used to quickly and easily create mailings. It contains examples of content and layout —such as text, images and hyperlinks—  that can be replaced by content of your choice at the time of a mailing.

Creating a template


Start by selecting ‘‘Templates’’ from the menu and click “Add template” or click on the new template link from the left-hand side navigation.

There are three modes to create a template :
  • PREDRAWN TEMPLATE: This mode makes work easier. Simply choose a template and customize it by adding your content.
  • SMART: Smart templates allow you to generate, with just a few clicks, a series of ready-to-use templates that reflect your brand.
  • HTML TEMPLATE: This mode allows you to have full control over the creation of your template, but you will need advanced HTML and CSS knowledge*.
Note: If you require our services with creating or modifying a template built with our HTML mode editor, please be aware that a fee could apply.

Predrawn templates

Predesigned email templates are supplied by the application to help you get started with your mailings. You can use a predesigned template as your own and alter it to match your company’s image. Don't feel restricted by the colors or layout: you can change it all to your heart's content.


*PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on using our HTML mode to create your template, make sure that you have advanced knowledge of HTML and CSS. If you require our services with your expert template a fee could apply.