Mailing statistics

View your mailing statistics

The performance of your last mailings are displayed in your Dashboard. You can also access the statistics of all your previous mailings from the Mailings menu.

Click the action menu icon icone at the right of a mailing and select the Statistics option to access to the detailed statistic page.

  • From your Dashboard.  


  • From the Mailings menu, under Previous mailings, choose the Icon Statistics option.  

How your mailing statistics work

The purpose of the Mailing performances graphic is to give you a quick visual readout of your statistics.

Here's how the percentages in this graphic chart are calculated:

  • Delivery rate
    This is the number of emails delivered divided by the total of emails sent x 100. Emails that are classified as technical problems or incorrect addresses, i.e. bounces, are emails that have not been delivered.
    When your delivery rate drops, it is important to check the quality of your list and how you collect email addresses. It may also be due to a change in your domain name, such as the implementation of a DMARC policy. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact our team.
  • Opening rate
    This is the percentage of emails opened. It is calculated as follows: number of emails that have been opened divided by the number of emails that were delivered x 100. For an email to be detected as "opened", the images must have been downloaded or the recipient must have taken an action, such as clicking on a link. The open rate is important because it shows how interested your subscribers are in opening an email just by seeing your subject line. However, it is not a very accurate measure, as some email clients automatically download images. On the other hand, a contact may have viewed your email, without necessarily displaying the images.
  • Click rate
    This is the number of emails with at least one click divided by the number of emails delivered x 100. Click-through statistics for each link are also available in the Link Statistics table, available at the bottom of the detailed statistics page. The click rate represents your subscribers' engagement with your email marketing campaign.

    A good click-through rate is between 2 and 5%. This varies greatly from one industry to another.
Some email software automatically open messages. The opening rate statistic is therefore generally a little higher than the actual number of opened messages (recipients having read the email). This is why the click-through rate is a more reliable measure.

View the list of contacts of a mailing statistic

Here's how to get:

Listing of contacts for a mailing statistic

To access the list of contacts of a statistic, such as the list of contacts who opened or clicked the email, simply click the number or button besides the statistic.

From the list of contacts, you will be able to add them to a group, if needed.

However, please note that contacts that appear grayed out in the lists are contacts that are no longer active since they were part of the mailing. They may have been deleted, unsubscribed or detected as an incorrect address. These contacts cannot be added to groups.

The listing of contacts who clicked on a specific link

A list of all links in your mailing is displayed under the Links statistics section at the bottom of the detailed statistics page of your mailing. By clicking on the numbers, you can see exactly which contact has clicked on each link.

Note: this list doesn't show up if the mailing had no link. 

The listing of contacts who unsubscribed

Click the Unsubscribed button under this statistic to view the list of contacts who unsubscribed from this mailing.


View the statistics per group

If you sent to multiple groups, it may be interesting to compare the data for each one. This is shown in the Target groups table, under the mailing statistic graphic. You can click on the figures outlined in the table to access detailed information for each statistic.

Global account statistics

To view your account's global statistics such as the number of subscribers, unsubscribed contacts, express or implied consents, incorrect addresses, letters sent, and total openings, click the Icon Consult your statistics in the menu on the left of the screen.

In this page, you will also find a detailed table that allows you to track the number of emails sent during the current period and another table detailing the reasons why some contacts have unsubscribed from your mailings.

Export mailings statistics

It is possible to export:

Export global statistics of all mailings

To export the global statistics for all your previous mailings to an Excel file, click on the Export button on the Global Statistics page.

Export statistics of one single mailing

  1. Go to Mailings  and click on the Previous mailings tab.
  2. In that page, click on the icon icon at the end of a row to open the action menu. Click on the Icon Statistics option.
  3. Then, click on the Export statistics link under your mailing's performances.

    Note: if it's your most recent mailing, the mailing performance box and export link will also be displayed on your dashboard.

Export the incorrect addresses or the list of contacts who unsubscribed from a mailing

To learn how, follow the steps here >

Export the list of contacts for a specific mailing statistic

To learn how, follow the steps here >

Create a group from a statistic

To learn how, follow the steps here >