How does the unsubscribe link works

How to add an unsubscription link to my mailings?

You have absolutely nothing to do in order to add an unsubscription link to the footer of your emails. Isn’t that amazing? An unsubscription link is automatically added in the footer of every email sent by our service. You don’t even have special settings to do. Additionally, the system will manage automatically the unsubscriptions.

However, if you wish, you can add personalized text to the unsubscription confirmation email. Click here to know how.

It’s also possible, even recommended, to add your logo to this automated email. Click here to learn how.

How does the unsubscription from sent emails work?

If a contact clicks the "Unsubscribe" link from the footer of your email and chooses to unsubscribe to all your communications, he will automatically be removed from every group he belongs to and will be moved to the "Unsubscribed" tab of the "Contact" menu.
After unsubscribing, your contact will be redirected to a form where he can choose, from suggested reasons, why he is unsubscribing from your lists. This step is not mandatory for your contact.

Your contact will also receive an unsubscription confirmation email. This automated email has a link to subscribe the contact again if their unsubcription was a mistake. Your contact will be allowed to reactivate their address using this link.

Unsubscription from private groups vs public groups

If your contact only belongs to "private" groups, they will automatically be removed from your subscribed contacts when clicking the "Unsubscribe" link.

If they belong to at least one public group, they will be redirected to a form on which they’ll need to choose which group(s) they wish to be removed from (only public groups they belong to will be listed) or if they’d rather unsubscribe from every communications. If the last option is selected, they’ll then receive the unsubscription confirmation email. If they choose to remain subscribed to one of the public groups, they won’t receive a confirmation email.
To learn more on public and private groups, along with their differences during the unsubscription process, click here.

Where can I see the list of my unsubscribed contacts?

To see the complete list of your unsubscribed contacts, go to the "Contacts" menu and select "Unsubscribed".

It’s also possible to see the list of unsubscription for specific mailings by consulting its statistics. To see statistics for specific mailings, go to Mailings > Previous Mailings > Action menu ( … ) besides the mailing you wish to see > Statistics.

You can also export your unsubscriptions by following the instructions found here.

Why did my recipients unsubscribed?

Following the unsubscription, your contact will be redirected to a form where he’ll be able to select a reason for unsubscribing. If none of the options suggested are applicable, they’ll be able to select the "Other" option and enter their own reason, if they wish so. Every answer is anonymous, in order to invite your recipient to be honest in their answers.

Keep an eye on the unsubscription reasons. They are your best tool to learn about your recipients! They indeed allow you to learn from past mistakes and adjust your marketing strategy accordingly! Don’t see it as something negative…it really is constructive criticism.

To see the details of the unsubscription reasons, go to the Global Statistics for your account by clicking the pie chart icon in the quick action menu. Scroll down to "Detail of contacts reasons for unsubscribing". You’ll be able to read the various comments left as "Other (please specify)" by clicking the title.

Can I personalize the unsubscription confirmation email?

It’s possible for you to add custom text and your logo to this email.

Click here to learn how.

Can I subscribe again a contact who previously unsubscribed?

One of your contacts contacted you to let you know they've unsubscribed but would like to be added back to your mailing list? Don't panic! While you won't be able to add them manually to your subscribed contacts, here are two ways your contact can add himself back on your list!

To learn how to subscribe again a contact who previously unsubscribed, click here.

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