Problems with Outlook and very long emails

Outlook 2007 and 2010 generate different problems with emails that are very long, regardless of their source code. Many are documented on the Internet, but few have clear solutions. For example:
If you encounter strange problems in one of these versions of Outlook and your mail contains a lot of content, here are some possible solutions:
  • Avoid images displayed too high.
  • Avoid very long columns.
  • For alignment problems, try moving your blocks (changing the order can help) or change your layout. Or try to add or remove blocks above the problematic one. If the height of your email changes, the problem may disappear by itself.
  • If possible, reduce the length of your content (propose links to detail pages or send multiple emails).
Did you know that some email software have a limitation of weight and / or length when displaying emails?
In Gmail, for example, an email will be cut if too long and offer a link to view the full version at the bottom. In other programs, your email can be simply truncated without more information.
As a precaution, keep in mind that it is better to send regularly shorter emails that will display well and that your members will take the time to read.