Create a micro survey and add it to your mailing

How do micro surveys work?

Each micro survey allows you to ask one question to your contacts. You can add several surveys to a mailing.

First, start by creating your micro survey in the appropriate module. Each question must have at least two possible answers.

Once done, you can edit an existing template or create a new template and add a micro survey block, choosing the layout you prefer. In the survey properties, you'll be able to associate the proper micro survey to your block and will be able to change the appearance of your survey. Then, all there's left to do is to plan your mailing.

When your contact will receive your email, they'll simply need to click the appropriate answer to let you know their choice. After clicking, they'll be redirected to a web page where they will see a confirmation message. If they click again in the survey, the message will instead say that they have already answered this survey and only their first answer will be cumulated. If they wish to change their answer, they'll need to contact you.

It's possible to use the same survey in different mailings. You could, for example, use the marketing automation module to send a reminder to people who didn't answer the first time. All answers will be cumulated in the same survey statistics, even if your survey was sent in several mailings.

Here are the different confirmation messages your contact may see:

Participation confirmation

You've already answered

Survey has ended

Language of the confirmation messages
Confirmation messages will be shown based on the language of your contact. If no language has been associated to your contact, the language of the mailing will be used.

Create a micro survey

  1. From the fast access bar on the left, select the "Micro Surveys" icon.

  2. Click on "+ New survey".

  3. Choose a name for your survey. This will only be visible to you.

  4. Select, if needed, an end date for your survey. People who answer the survey after this date will have a message saying that the survey has ended. You can leave this field empty if your survey has no expiration.
    Pro tips:
    • if you did choose an end date for your survey, don't forget to indicate it in the content of your email so your contacts will know they have a limited time to answer!
    • If you plan on using a survey in a long-term scenario, such as a welcome email, we strongly suggest that you don't enter an end date for your survey. That way, you ensure your future subscribers won't receive a survey they can't answer!
  5. Write down the question you want to ask to your contacts. When you'll send your survey, your recipients will see it as it is.

  6. Enter at least two possible answers.

    Click the  "+" icon to add more choices..

    Click on the garbage bin icon to delete a possible answer.

    Use the arrows to move the possible answer's order.

  7. Click the "Save" button.
    Please note that your micro survey will remain with the "under construction" status until it is used in a scheduled mailing or in an active automated scenario. Click here to learn more about the differents micro survey status and how to edit them.

Add a micro survey to a template or draft

  1. Open an existing template, new template or draft in the simplified editor.
    Micro surveys can only be used in predrawn or basic templates. They are not compatible with our HTML mode.
  2. To add your micro survey, open the "Add block" tab in the side panel on the right.

  3. In the drop-down list, select "Micro surveys".
  4. Choose a block from the various layout available and drag the block where you wish to add your survey.

    Pro tip: choose carefully the layout of your micro survey block depending on the length and number of answers. For example, if you have several long possible answers, the layout using links one on top of the other would be optimal. If you have several, short possible answers, the use of buttons on top of one another would be a good choice. If you have a simple "Yes or no" choice, side by side buttons would be more effective.
  5. Click on your block in your template to select it.
  6. Select the survey to associate to the block in the "Micro survey properties" of the side panel on the right.

  7. Still in the "Micro survey properties", change, if needed, the font, size and color of your question (title), the alignment and the properties of the buttons or links (answers).

    If you need to make changes to your question or answers, you'll first need to make your changes in the micro survey module. Changes made in the module will automatically appear in all templates or draft containing your survey. Click here if you want to know how.
  8. Test and save your template or draft.
    Don't forget:
    • Your survey answers will take you to an invalid page if you click on your answer in a "Test your mailing" email. Your survey will only work in a real mailing sent to a group.
    • As soon as a micro survey is used in a scheduled mailing or in an active scenario, its status will automatically change to "Active". You won't be able to apply changes to it anymore. However, if you cancel your mailing and your survey hasn't been used in an active scenario or a previous mailing, the status will go back to "Under construction" and you will be able to make changes to it again.
    • Let your contacts know the end date of your survey!
    • If you plan on using your survey in a template made for long-term use, such as a welcome email in a marketing automation scenario, we strongly suggest that you don't enter an end date for your survey. That way, you ensure your future subscribers won't receive a survey they can't answer!