Activate a scenario

In order for a scenario to start, it needs to be activated. Here are the steps to follow to activate a scenario right away or plan the activation ahead of time:
  1. Go to the "Marketing automation" menu.
  2. Click the three dots at the right of the scenario you want to activate and select the "Edit" option in the action menu.

  3. Make sure your scenario is complete and ready to go. Once activated, it won't be possible to apply changes to your scenario anymore. Click here to learn more.
  4. To plan the activation of your scenario click the "Schedule your scenario activation" button.

    Choose a start and an end date if need be.

    If you wish to set an end date, you'll also need to select the appropriate action to take when the scenario comes to an end: Pause or Archive.

    Pro Tip: If you wish that contacts who entered your scenario before it ends have a chance to finish each step or if you wish to reactivate the same scenario later, choose the "Pause" action. If you chose the "Archive" option, your scenario will be stopped and contacts making their way through your actions and conditions will stop their journey and will not receive missing steps. All tasks will be stopped and your scenario will be moved to the "Archive" section. To start again an archived scenario, you will need to duplicate the archived version and activate the copy.

    Once the activation process is completed, depending on the date, your scenario status will change from "Under construction" to "Active" or "Scheduled".

    Edit an active scenario
    It's not possible to edit the actions, conditions or templates of an active scenario. However, changing the end date and appropriate action is possible. If the scenario is still in a "Scheduled" status, it's possible to cancel the activation date and revert to the "Under construction" status. Your scenario, in this situation, will be alterable again. Click here for more information on the edition of an active scenario
  5. Confirm your scenario activation by clicking the "Activate scenario" button.

  6. Click on "Quit" on the top right of your screen to exit your scenario.

    What happens to contacts who met the scenario trigger before my scenario was activated?

    The actions and conditions of a scenario will only apply to contacts who trigger them after its activation. For example...let's say you choose "opened a mailing" as your trigger, actions/conditions of your scenario will only apply to contacts who opened your email after its activation. Yes, this means you could miss some openings if your scenario was activated after delivery of your email. We strongly suggest that you build and activate your scenario while your mailing is still scheduled, before delivery starts to ensure all your contacts who open your email can go through your scenario.

  7. Don't forget to test your scenario!