Free account

How does the free account work?

The free account allows you to test all functionnalities of the application to see if it suits your needs.

To get your free account, all you have to do is fill the form on our website.
Your access codes will be sent to you by email.

The difference between a free account and a regular account:

There is no restrictions regarding the functionnalities of the application. The only difference is that the free account is limited to 250 contacts.

To send out your first mailing, follow these three steps:

You are trying to import a list on contacts into your account and see the following message appearing :


What to do?

  1. If you are not ready to change your plan, press the "Decline" button. This action will stop your importation. You will then be able to go back and modify your file to keep the number of contacts under the free account limit.

    Note: Only your subscribers are counted in your plan. Each subcriber is accounted for only once, regardless of the number of groups it's placed in. Incorrect adresses and unsubscribed contacts are not accounted in your plan.

  2. You can press the "I accept the charges" button and proceed with your importation.You will be directed to this page after the end of your importation:

    Press the "Add payment information" button and fill in the form for your invoicing address. A window will open for you to enter your credit card information. The window will look like this:

    Once the payment will be processed, you will receive your invoice at the billing address specfied and you will be able to proceed with your account. Please note that your account will remain on hold until payment has been received.