Filter your templates with tags

Before you start

Why use tags

Using tags to filter your lists of email templates has many advantages, enabling more efficient and targeted management of your email communications. Tags help you organize and categorize your templates in a consistent way, making them easier to find and use. They let you quickly classify your templates under different themes or categories, such as promotions, newsletters, holidays, birthdays, work departments, etc. Furthermore, they encourage better collaboration within your teams, helping them to easily find the material they need to design their communications.

How to use tags

You can add as many tags as you like to your templates, allowing you to categorize them in a variety of ways. For example, a template can be categorized under "Promotion", "Christmas" and "Coupons". Once the tags are in place, simply click on their name in the search field to filter the list of your templates. You can also search for multiple tags simultaneously. You can include up to 30 characters in your tag names. Each tag name must be unique.

Add tags to a template

Add tags to categorize your templates

To add tags to your templates: 

  1. Click the + Tag button below the title of the template you wish to categorize.

    Button to add tags on a template
  2. In the Tags window, enter the name of the tag you want to add to the template.
  3. If the tag already exists, it will appear in the list below the field. Click on it to add it to the list of template tags.

    Select an existing tag

    If the tag does not exist, click on the Create a new tag button.

    Create a new tag
  4. Click on the Confirm button to complete the addition. 

    Confirm that you want to add the tags

Remove tags from a template

To unlink a tag from a template, simply click the X on the tag. You can also do this from the pop-up window for adding tags to the template.

Click the X to remove a tag


Filter templates with tags

To open or close the tag search, click on the Filter by tag button.

Show or hide tag search

To search for templates by tag, simply click on their name in the search field.

Search by tag

To cancel the tag search, press the tags again or click on the Deselect all link.

Deselect all tags

You can also refine the result by searching with both tags and keywords. To do this, select the appropriate tags, enter your keywords in the search field, then press the Enter key on your keyboard to launch the search.

Manage tags

Access the list of tags

To view the list of tags, create new tags, delete or rename tags, click the Tag List link in the table header at the top of the template list.

Create a new tag

In the Tags window, enter the name of the new tag to be created in the field at the top of the list. Then press the Create a new tag button, which will appear below the field.

Create new tags from the tag list

Rename a tag

To rename a tag, click on the 3 dots Icone to the right of the tag name to open the action menu. Select Rename. Once you've changed the tag name, click on the check mark icon to the right of the field to confirm.

Rename option


Confirm tag new name by clicking the checkmark

Permanently delete a tag

To delete a tag, click on the 3 dots Icone to the right of the tag name to open the action menu. Select Delete. Then click on Confirm in the next window to finalize the action. The deleted tag will be automatically removed from all templates with which it was associated.

When you delete a tag on a template, and it is not associated with any other template than this one, this will permanently delete the tag. If you wish to reuse it on a future template, you will have to recreate it again.

Delete a tag option

Confirm tag deletion


Displaying tags

To show or hide tags in the template list, press the switch in the table header at the top of the template list.

Option to show or hide tags


To see more tags on a template: 

Option to see more tags