Retrieve groups', custom fields', contacts' or mailings' IDs

To include your groups or custom fields in your requests sent to the Cyberimpact API, you will need to specify their ID. The ID is the number associated with the group or custom field. If you want to extract information or modify a particular contact or mailing, you may also need to retrieve their ID.

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Get the ID of a group

To get the ID of a group, go to the Groups menu, search for it in the list of available groups, then click on its name to open it. The group ID can be found in the information at the top of the page, under its title. Click on the ID to copy it to your clipboard.


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Get the ID or placeholder of a custom field

Custom fields can be used in two ways with our API. You can either include them in your queries to add or modify information in your contacts' details (e.g., a custom field that contains your contacts' favourite colour or their city), or you can add them in the body of the HTML of your API mailings to add dynamic content (e.g., one of your custom fields contains the name of each contact's representative, you could add this information in your email).

To get the ID or the placeholder of the custom fields:


  1. Go to Icone Settings > Custom fields.
  2. Click the Get placeholders button.
  3. Go to the Custom fields tab and press the Copy button to the right of the desired field.
    The ID of the custom field is the number that you'll find inside the placeholder (e.g., if the placeholder is __CUSTOM_FIELDS[8]__, the field ID is 8). This can be different from the number that indicates the order of the field.

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Get the ID of a contact

To get the ID of a contact, go to the Contacts menu and search for the email address. Once you found it, click on it to open the contact's details. The contact ID is the number in the web address (URL) of the page.


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Get the ID of a mailing

Get the ID of a mailing in-progress or completed

To get the ID of a mailing in-progress or completed, go to the Mailings menu > Previous mailings tab and search for the mailing. Once you found it, open the Icone Actions menu at its right and select the Statistics option. The ID of the mailing is the number found in the web address (URL) of the page.


Get the ID of a scheduled mailing

To get the ID of a scheduled mailing, go to the Mailings menu > Scheduled  mailings tab and search for the mailing. Once you found it, position and hold your mouse over its subject line or its thumbnail. The web URL of its preview will probably appear in the lower left corner of your screen. The ID of the mailing is the number found in this URL.


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