Secure a template

Protecting templates

Once you have saved a template, it will appear in the Templates  section.  Within the list of templates, click on the Lock option of the actions menu located at the right of your template's row to protect it. A yellow padlock will appear at the right of its name. Secured templates can only be copied and/or used for mailings; they cannot be modified or deleted as long as they are locked.

Unlock a secured template

To unlock a secured template, go to the Templates menu and find your template in the list. Then, click the three dots at the end of its row and select the Unlock option in the action menu.

Use a protected template

If you request a personalized template, a red lock will appear next to its name in your list. These templates cannot be modified and you cannot unlock them. You can only make a copy of this template in order to use it.
There are two ways to use a protected template:
  • to duplicate it and do your modifications in its copy
    Learn how >
  • or to use it to create a mailing
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