Add text on an image

Adding text on an image can be useful if you wish to use a font that is not “web safe”. To add text to an image is the only way to ensure that your contacts will be able to see the font you chose.

Did you know that only a few fonts are recommended for emails? These fonts are called “web safe”. All fonts available in the application are.

It’s not recommended to use another font than those available because if you try to use a font not available on the computer of the recipient of your email, the font will be replaced by an other available. Your pretty “ Segoe Print” could be replaced by “ Times New Roman”!

To use another font than the ones available in the application, for example to put a slogan on your company logo, you will need to add text to your image. We suggest you to use this method with parsimony (learn more). It is best to keep your text in real text as much as possible. If your contact does not download your images, he will not be able to read your message. 

Make sure you have other text content in real text elsewhere in your email! Also, it is good practice to put the text written in your image as alternative text on the image itself so it will show when the image is not yet loaded.

To add text on an image, you can use the text tool in the “edit image” option. This option is available in each image block of our editing tool in every predrawn or basic templates.

To learn how to add text on images, click here

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