Customize the URL of the Consent Confirmation page

When a contact clicks on one of the consent confirmation links found in the blocks or consent templates, a default page is displayed in the browser to confirm the action it has just made :

You can change this default page and instead direct your contact to a personalized page on your website. (Ex .:

Note: Even if you use a page from your website rather than our default page to confirm your contact's consent, the consent confirmation email will still be sent out. It would be important that on your personalized page your contact finds essential details such as a message confirming his / her consent and indicating that he / she will receive a confirmation email shortly.

To redirect your contact to a page on your website, rather than our default page, here's how to do it:

  1. Open the consent template or template in which you added the consent block.

     - To learn how to create a consent template, click here.

            - To learn how to use the consent block, click here.

  1. Click the text block containing the consent link you want to edit.
  2. Right-click on the consent links. From the pop-up menu, select "Edit Link".

  3. In the URL field you will find the following text: "/ consent? Ct = __ NL_IDENTITY_CT __ & redirect =" (if you saved your consent template a moment ago or added the block of you may not see all of this text, if it does, create a new consent template or delete the consent block and reinsert it in your template).


  1. After the "=" sign, you must add the link to your confirmation page that you have created on your own website.

    - There should be no space between the "=" and the link of your site.
    - The link inserted must start with http...
    - Also, the protocol must remain at "<Other>".

    Here is a fictive example:


  2. Press "OK" to confirm that the link has been added. The changes will be saved in your text block. Do not forget to save your model!
  3. Repeat for all your consent confirmation links.
  4. Very important! Before sending email to your contacts, test your link to make sure everything is working. To test your link, you will need to perform a "TRUE" mailing, because the redirect will not work if you use the "Test mailing" tool.
  1.  View the results of the sent emails: To find out how to view the list of your contacts who clicked on your consent link following your emailing, click here.

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