What is the difference between a premade consent template and a consent block?

When you use a predrawn consent template:


Every contact selected during the preparation of your mailing, regardless of their consent status, will receive and see the content of your mailing, including the links to confirm their consent.

Click here to learn how to create a consent template.


When you add a consent block in your template:


  • Every contact with an implied consent that was selected during the preparation of your mailing will see your email in it's entirety, including the consent block.

  • Contacts who already have an express consent in their file will also receive your mailing, but the received email will not include the consent block. This is why you need to have other content in your email besides a consent block. Your contacts with an express content could receive an email appearing nearly empty if there is nothing other than a consent block in your email.

    Exemples of mailings that include a consent block:

    Here is an example of how a mailing would look like for a contact with an implied consent:

    Here is how it would show to a member with an express consent:


Click here to learn how to add a consent block to your email template.


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