Zapier - Connect Cyberimpact with other apps

  • Zapier and how it works

    Zapier is a tool that allows you to easily connect Cyberimpact with other platforms that you use every day, for example: a CRM, an online accounting software, a form tool, etc.

  • Add or update contacts via Zapier (with opt-in)

    In this article: Advantage of opt-in subscription Before you begin Step 1: Zap trigger setup Step 2: Configuring the opt-in request It is possible, with Zapier, to add or update contacts in your Cyberimpact…

  • Add contacts (without opt-in) via Zapier

    You will find below the instructions for creating a Zap in 3 steps that will allow you to add contacts to your Cyberimpact account from your favourite application. 

  • Create an API token

    API tokens allow you to access your account and are a safe way to transmit information between it and another application securely. Use them in your requests to the Cyberimpact API or your zaps to authenticate yourself.