Create a mailing group for your consent email

All of the contacts who subscribed by one of our subscription forms on your website already have express consent status. It is therefore not necessary to ask for their consent.
We will now explain how to filter your contacts in order to select only those who do not have the express consent status to receive your email. You can then send them one of our consent templates. We suggest to do so using dynamic groups.
To do so:
  1. Select "Groups" and click on "Add a group".

  2. Give it a name, confirm the language and select "Dynamic" as the type of group.

  3. Select "Consent" as your criterion. Choose "equals to" and then chose "Implied" in the last drop down list. 

    Note: you can add criteria to better target your contacts as:
    - Group (to select contacts from a specific group)
    - Consent expiration (to see which consents will expire soon)
    - Consent source...

  4. Click "Save". Your group will be added to your groups' list.  
Since it is a dynamic group, you won't have to do anything to add contacts into it; it will be done automatically based on the criteria you selected. You can now prepare a mailing or a marketing automation scenario to get these contacts' express consent.