Consent blocks

You can now add a consent block to any of our predesigned or standard templates. Including a consent block in your email communications will help you gather express consents to be compliant with the Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation (CASL).

How does it works?

These blocks contain a confirmation hyperlink. When someone clicks on this link, they confirm their express consent to receive your communications. A message will appear on their screen confirming their subscription and they will receive an email confirmation. You will also get a copy of this email confirmation. It is very important to keep this consent proof in your files. The consent status of your contact in your account goes from tacit to express. All the information linked to their consent are also kept in our system.

Important note: to receive a copy of the consent confirmation email, your return email address for consent confirmations must have been previously configured. To find out how, click here.

What is the difference between consent blocks and consent templates?  

When you send a consent template, all the email addresses included in the selected group(s) during the mailing configuration will receive your consent requests. It is a good idea to filter these addresses beforehand to send your email only to contacts who haven't already given their express consent.
When you add a consent block in a template, during the mailing, only email addresses who have not yet expressly consented to receive your communications will see this block. The block will not appear for those who have already given their express consent, and they will still be able to read the rest of your email. It is therefore important to not put this block in the mailing by itself, some people could see a mailing that is almost empty. 

Click here to learn how to add a consent block in your template