Contacts type

There are 4 types of contacts:

Subscribed contacts

Subscribers are contacts that belongs or not to a group (in which case we call them ungrouped contacts) and who can receive your email communications.

Ungrouped contacts

Ungrouped contacts are contacts who are not associated to any group.  Since it is impossible to send communications directly to a contact, ungrouped contacts do not receive any of your emails.  That is why it is important to associate them to one or several groups.  

If you delete a group in which some contacts are not associated with any other group, these contacts will become ungrouped.

Displaying the ungrouped contacts and reassigning them 

To access the list of ungrouped contacts select “Contacts” from the menu. Above the table, there should be a mention about grouped and ungrouped contacts. You can click on the number of ungrouped contacts to view them.
To assign ungrouped contacts to a new group, check all concerned contacts using the box next to their email.  Click “Add to group” at the top of the table. 
 A new window will open. In this window you can chose to add them to an existing group or create a new one by filling the necessary information. Once assigned to a group, the contacts will no longer appear in the ungrouped total and will now be available in their respective groups so you can send them emails.

Unsubscribed contacts

Unsubscribed contacts represent all contacts who clicked on the unsubscribtion link at the end of an email and asked to be withdrawn from the mailing list.  When a contact clicks on this link, a browser window will open and display a confirmation message. In addition, they will also receive an email confirming their unsubscription. An option to resubscribe will be displayed in this email in case of an error. 

An unsubscribed contact will not receive any communications.   It is possible for a contact to be reactivated by registering once again through your online form located on your site. If you do not have a subscription form on your website, you can also send us an email at and we can reactivate a contact for you. However, you must send us a written proof that your contact wishes to re-subscribe because it is not legal to reactivate a contact without their consent.

It is possible to unsubscribe a contact directly from your account rather than just deleting them. The benefit of unsubscribing versus deleting is that by unsubscribing, you make sure not to add the contact through a list import at a later time. To learn how to unsubscribe a contact, click here.

Incorrect addresses

Incorrect addresses represent all email addresses that have been deactivated for technical reasons such as non-existent emails, invalid addresses or delivery problems considered permanent, etc.  These addresses have been automatically withdrawn from your groups.

Addresses whose mailbox are full or where the servers are temporarily unavailable are not automatically deleted, only those for which the problem is permanent.

Deleted contacts

Deleted contacts are contacts that you decided to remove manually from you account. Once deleted, they will remain visible in the "Contacts" menu > "Deleted" tab until the end of the current period.

Contacts consent expiration

The expiration of your contacts consent is determined by the source of consent and the date of consent indicated on your contact details. It is therefore important to enter the correct information when importing or updating your contacts.

You can see contacts whose consent will soon expire or has already expired from the dashboard or by using advanced search (which may be useful to create a dunning group for contacts whose consent expires soon, for example).

From the dashboard:

From the advanced search, in the "Contacts" menu:

Note: It is your responsibility to remove expired consents from your mailing list. No action is automatically taken by the system to remove these addresses. Additionally, you receive monthly e-mail notification of your contacts' consent expiration to let you know if the consent of some of your contacts has expired.