Get the placeholder and the code of a field

The field's placeholder is used to insert personalized content for each recipient in your campaigns.
Example: Hello, __FIRSTNAME__ ! → Hello, Martine!

You do not need to know the code of the field's placeholder to insert it in your messages. You will find tools in the email editor to help you integrate them in the appropriate places. Learn more>

However, if you are preparing the HTML code for your template in an external tool or if you need to know the numbers (ID) of your custom fields to program a script with our API, it is possible to obtain their code by following these steps:

  1. Go to Icone Settings > Custom fields.
  2. Click the Get placeholders button.
  3. Press the Copy button to the right of the desired field.

Warning! To know the ID number of a custom field, you must not rely on the number of its position in the list of fields. The real ID number of a field is the one you will find in the code of its placeholder.