Delete a custom field

Before proceeding

Check to see if the field has any dependancies and if any contact information is saved in it. To see the contacts containing data from the field you want to delete:

  1. Go to the Contacts menu,  in the Subscribers tab.
  2. Open the advanced search by clicking on the link at the end of the search bar.
  3. Choose your custom field from the available criteria.
  4. Select the Is set search filter.
  5. Then, click Search. The list of contacts with information from this field, if any, will appear on your screen.

Are you using an HTML form or our API? Unfortunately, it is not possible to detect if a field is being used in an HTML subscription form or in API requests. If you are using either of these features, before deleting a field, make sure it’s possible to do it safely.

Learn how

To delete a field:

  1. Go to Icone Settings > Custom fields.
  2. Click on the trash can icon to the right of the field you want to delete and click Confirm.

Warning ! This action is final. Once deleted, it will no longer be possible to recover the data previously saved in this field.

Frequently asked questions

Why can’t I delete my field?

Custom fields with a major dependency to one or more elements cannot be deleted. You will need to remove the dependencies before you can delete this field. Learn how to remove dependencies >

Can I delete fields with minor dependencies?

Yes, minor dependencies will not prevent you from deleting fields. On the other hand, certain elements could stop working correctly. For example, if the custom field is inserted in a campaign, the content will appear blank.

What if the field I'm deleting is used in a template, draft, or scheduled campaign?

If you send a message that contains a variable from a field that no longer exists, it will simply be replaced by a space in your message. While not dramatic, it would be a shame if important information was missing from your email.Therefore, we suggest removing the variables from the deleted fields from your templates before sending them.

A template (as well as a draft, scheduled campaign or scenario) with a variable from a deleted custom field in its content will have a warning icon to the right of its name. When you open your template in edit mode, a message will appear in a popup window allowing you to identify the field in question. There will be an option to automatically remove it from the content of your message. If you choose to manually remove the variable from the deleted field instead, don't forget to update the text version of your template as well.

If I delete a field after using it in a previous campaign, will its content be deleted from sent emails?

No, once delivered, the emails you send will not change. The content of the field inserted at the time of sending will remain there, even if your recipient has not opened it yet.

What happens if the field I am deleting is being used in a subscription form?

  • If this is a hosted or iframe form, the field will automatically disappear from the form.

  • If this is an HTML form, unfortunately it’s impossible for you to know when a custom field is being used in an HTML form. Therefore, if you delete a field that is located on one of these forms, it will remain there. Your subscription form will continue to function normally, but the information your subscribers enter in the deleted field will be lost.