Custom field - Integer

They are designed to store whole numbers only. Decimal numbers can’t be entered in this type of field. Values ​​can be positive or negative and must range between -2147483648 and 2147483647.

What it’s used for

You can use this type of field to:

Enter the number of purchases or visits to the store. Then use this data to segment a list of your contacts to target your best buyers or the more inactive ones.

Enter an amount of money that does not require decimals.

Keep track of how much each contact has donated and congratulate them when a goal is reached.

Enter the number of employees in a company.

Obtain the number of adults and children per household by adding this question to a subscription form.

Recommended formats to import whole numbers

Here are key things to remember:

Here are some examples of integer formats accepted during import:

15 155
$ 15,155

How to search for a specific whole number (integer)

Target your contacts efficiently and create lists using specific criteria found in the content of your text fields, with the help of advanced search, dynamic groups and automated segmentation scenarios.

In integer fields, you can search using the following filters: