Custom field - Text

As the name suggests, this type of custom field is designed to collect any text data. You can enter up to 1000 characters.

What it’s used for

You can use a text field to enter:

Recommended format to import your text data

The only restriction for this type of field is that there is a maximum of 1000 characters.

How to search for specific text data

Target your contacts efficiently and create lists using specific criteria found in the content of your text fields, with the help of advanced search, dynamic groups and automated segmentation scenarios.

To ensure the effectiveness of the search filters below, make sure to follow the same format when entering your data. What not to do: sometimes you write “Montreal”, and on occasion you use the short form “Mtl”. If you search for contacts in the city of "Montreal", those containing "Mtl" will not appear in the search results.

In text fields, you can search for text data using to the following filters:

Did you know that when used in a subscription form, custom text fields can gather information in different ways? To collect open-ended responses, you can simply choose to have a text field displayed. To limit the possible answers, you can offer choices with the help of radio buttons, check boxes or a drop-down menu. By restricting the number of answers, you will obtain values that are more uniform ​​in the text fields which will facilitate your research!