Contact Details

Every email address collected in your account has its own contact details section that can be linked to more than one group.

To access a subscriber's contact details, go to the Contacts menu, research your contact's name or email, then click the email address to open its details. Note that wherever the email address of a contact is clickable in your account (e.g. groups and mailing statistics), you can access his/her contact details.

The contact details section contains a wealth of information about your subscribers. It includes, among other things, the data that you have entered in the regular and custom fields, details of their consent and other technical information such as their subscription date and the date on which they received their first email. You will also find a summary of their personal stats, the groups they belong to and a timeline containing important events that have occurred throughout their journey from the time they subscribed (emails they’ve received and opened, as well as the links they’ve clicked).

You can export every detail located in the contact details section, including a subscriber’s complete history. Learn more >

Here’s an overview of what you’ll find in contact details:

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