Confirmation pages

To get there: Settings tab > Confirmation pages section

When someone submits a form, they are redirected to a confirmation page. For an iframe form, this page is displayed in the same box, replacing the subscription form. If it is a hosted form, the entire page will be replaced.

Opt-in email confirmation page: the subscriber will see this page immediately after submitting the form. It informs them that they must consult their email to validate the subscription. This page is only suitable for double opt-in subscriptions.

Thank you page: the user will see this page when their subscription has been completed. In the case of a double opt-in, this will appear after clicking the confirmation link in the email.

Default Pages

Our default pages already contain all the necessary information. You can’t edit their content, but you can add your logo to them.

To view the default confirmation pages, click the View the default page links. If you wish to use them, simply leave these fields blank.

Is it possible to add a different logo for each confirmation page?
No, you can only add one logo for all of your confirmation pages and emails.

See also:
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Custom pages

To use your own confirmation pages rather than the default ones, you must first create them on your website. Note the url of each page and assign it to your form in the appropriate field. The personalized pages will be used only for the current form.