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The opt-in

What is an opt-in?

In email marketing, the term opt-in means consent: the act of subscribing to receive email communications.

How can I change my form’s opt-in type?

On the Settings page of the form builder, you can change your form’s opt-in type by using the switch provided.

Single opt-in vs. double opt-in

We strongly recommend choosing the double opt-in; this is also the default option.

The type of opt-in you choose determines whether or not the person filling out the form receives an email asking them to confirm the email address before the subscription can be completed. The double opt-in is used to ensure that the email address is valid and that the person who subscribed is the rightful owner of the address.

With the single opt-in, the person will be added directly to your account following the subscription, receiving an email confirming that they have subscribed, with no further action required. This type of subscription could allow someone to subscribe to your newsletter using someone else’s email address. In addition, without the confirmation, it makes it easier to add addresses that may contain typos, or let robots subscribe to your form, which could affect the quality of your list, as well as your deliverability rate.

Customize your confirmation emails>

HTML forms only allow the use of the double opt-in.

The opt-in and the Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

Under Canada's Anti-Spam Law, you must have permission from someone to contact them. For example, when you have an existing business relationship with someone, you have what is called an implied consent. When someone subscribes through a form, they give you their explicit authorization, and are added to your account as express consent.

Frequently asked questions

What if a contact’s info isn’t up to date?

An existing contact in your account can subscribe to a new group through a subscription form with a double or a single opt-in. However, if you’ve added personalized fields (other than email) to collect information about your contacts, only forms with a double opt-in will allow the update. Since a single opt-in doesn't require the owner of the address to confirm the information, we do not allow this type of form to modify existing contact information.

Can an unsubscribed contact re-subscribe through a form?

Yes, and it’s even recommended. An unsubscribed contact can re-subscribe through a subscription form, since it is a voluntary action. On the other hand, even if they subscribe through a form with a single opt-in, they will have to go through the same stages as the double opt-in — confirm their subscription by clicking the link in the subscription confirmation email that will be sent after the form is submitted. This way, you can rest assured that the owner of the unsubscribed address has explicitly consented to the re-subscription.

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